3D Printing Explained

I recently had a lot of experience with the world of printing. But this printing was no ordinary printing that we see in our day to day lives. This world of printing was a world where you can print anything, that’s right, anything. 3D printing would open a world of possibilities for every major industries […]

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Cortana Review

We all use our personal voice assistant which is pre-installed on our device when we are lazy, or sometimes when our hands pain. The personal voice assistant is an great example of hands free mode. Here is an review of one of the best personal voice assistant, Cortana. Cortana is a one of a kind […]

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What to expect from WWDC’15

With only a little more days to go for the annual conference of Apple, WWDC, a lot of expectations and rumours have risen up. After the keynotes of Google, Microsoft, HTC and Samsung, things are getting heated up in this tech competition or as I say it, the war of the tech giants. Here are […]

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