Made by Google Explained 

As Google unveiled their hardware for the first time as part of the “Made by Google” flagship, Google made their breakthrough into various market competitions with their innovative hardware.

The first hardware which Google unveiled has been much talked about for months and is also Google’s debut in the smartphone market, Pixel. Pixel has been the epicentre of the Made by Google innovative hardwares as it was the main hub of connectivity for all the innovative devices made by Google. Pixel might just be another android smartphone being introduced into the market, but when it comes to the innovation behind it, it outshines them all.

Apart from the Google Pixel, Google also unveiled the Google Home , Google WiFi and Daydream VR. I will be discussing each of the hardware unveiled by Google based on the innovation behind it.

The Made by Google has focused on four core areas, Machine Learning, IoT(Internet of Things), Virtual Reality and Cloud Computing.

With Machine Learning, Google unveiled the Google Assistant,  a Bot that does not just work as a speech assistant but also as a text assistant. The Google Assistant is currently available as a text assistant when you download the Google Allo which is currently available for iOS and Android. With the Google Home, Google makes its entry into the field of Machine Learning, both software and hardware. The Google Home integrates Machine Learning with IoT which makes it even more unique than the others in the market. With the Google Home, you can ask Google Assistant to perform certain tasks for example, switching the lights on and off, adding items for your Google Keep and other stuff. 

With IoT(Internet of Things), Google Home integrates Machine Learning with IoT making the Google Assistant one of the first AI bots to control basic home systems with the help of Machine Learning as I have mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph. With the Google Home, Google Assistant can perform basic actions where it can control home devices such thermostat, lights, .etc. The Google WiFi is another key element when it comes to IoT as it keeps all the compatible devices connected to the Internet.

With Virtual Reality, Google introduced the Daydream VR, making Google’s entry into the hardware market of Augmented Realiy and Virtual Reality. The Daydream VR is a unique VR headset both inside and outside. It comes with a controller/remote which has a special storage inside the headset. The Daydream VR is optimised to play 360 videos upto 4K video quality. 

With Cloud Computing, Google announced that there will be unlimited storage for the Google Photos, giving option for the user to store unlimited photos on the cloud without having to worry about the memory card nor the storage space problem. 


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