Virtual Reality or Digital Dreams?

Imagine you are being chased by a giant spider or imagine if you are in your dreamhouse, wouldn’t it feel amazing? but after all, you’re just imagining stuffs. But for the past few months, a new technology has taken over the Tech Industry by storm and has attracted millions of Techies and Entrepreneur to brainstorm on how they can use this Technology to change the world. This Technology gave people the opportunity to exist in a world which was way beyond our imagination. This Technology is known as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Virtually Reality has digitalized the way we imagine and dream. I had the opportunity to experience a ghostly adventure and a ride in my dream car in Virtual Reality. During my Virtual Reality Session, I was able to see the same things that I see in my dreams. Based on my experience, I would like to coin a new term for Virtual Realty, Digital Dreams“. As technology has taken stuffs to whole new level, It has even taken dreams to a whole new level. For example, most of the musiclovers dream of being present at the Tomorrowland, one of the premier music events in the world. But with Virtual Reality, Tomorrowland fans can now witness thier favourite music artists perform live in front of them. Virtual Reality is now the forefront of technology in the 21st century but not just taking dreams to the next level but also other industries as well such the Healthcare industry and other major industries. Virtual Reality is now being used in several hospitals around the globe to examine a patient’s body and also in the efforts for improvements in research of curing malicious diseases. Virtual Reality has also been used by NASA to get a closer look at the planet Mars in the perspective of a normal person through the eyes of Curiosity, NASA’s Unmanned Rover on Mars. This is just the beginning of a new era of virtual technology, and we will have a lot to see in the upcoming years.


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