Why you need to use Xamarin for Mobile Development

I always loved developing apps for mobile devices even tho I have never built an app(I’m not into making my own apps, but I surely love teaching mobile development). But I came across this software that made me love mobile development even more. Well, if you have guessed it, great job, but if you did not guess it, then I think you need to check it out ASAP! Most of you don’t need Introduction to this Software, and the name is Xamarin. I have been a fan of Mobile Development for the past 3 years. But recently this year I came across Xamarin, which forever changed my life. With Xamarin, you can build native apps using C#. Well, you might think that what makes Xamarin different from other Mobile Development platforms but Xamarin has more tools to offer than the other mobile development platforms. And not just that, you can build apps for both Android and iOS. One thing you’ll love about Xamarin is that it will save a lot of time while developing apps.  So, when you are into mobile development, you have to  waste time making apps for both Android and iOS that also writing on two separate languages. Xamarin solves that problem by using the same code for all platforms. We can infer from this that Xamarin is an Cross Platform Development which something that all Developers love. The best part of Xamarin is that you have all the API available for both iOS and Android. With all the API, we can enjoy the benefit that other Developer Programs offer. Another benefit is that we can use the same code for all the platforms instead of scratching our head and writing the code separately for all. With Xamarin, you can consume your time. I’m giving a lot of spoilers for this who haven’t used Xamarin. I will be doing a blog series on Xamarin which will be helpful for Developers so follow my blog to get more information and tutorials on Xamarin.


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