How To Master The Art of Programming

We always wanted to know the answer to the question on how programming works and we think that programming is an complex hobby but the truth is that it’s all in our mindset. I always mention in my blog, “Computers are dumb machines but always obedient all the time”. Programming is nothing but just simply giving instructions. To understand Programming, we need to understand what is a computer and how it works. Computers understand a different language and it’s known as the binary language. Binary language consists of not alphabets but only two numbers, 0 and 1. Computers can only read 0s and 1s and in order to write a program, there are special programming languages that we normal human beings can understand. With the help of a Compiler and IDE, we can write code and convert it into 0s and 1s which the Computer can understand. This is how Computers understand what we say. It is basically a human being interacting with an non-existing creature built with zero knowledge and us giving it commands and tasks to do. There are many programming languages which you can use to code. It depends on what you want to code and for what. Programming is used in almost all industries and has changed the world in all aspects of life. Programming could bring us to a vast world of oppurtunities. One thing that matters in mastering the art of programming is creativity. Without Creativity, Programming would be an incomplete skill. Another important part on which we need to have light is Exploring. There are many undiscovered areas in each and every industry that we Developers can discover. If you look into each and every case study, you’ll be absorbed by light on a special area of programming being inspired by real life stories. Apple has even looked upon the area of healthcare and has built tools for Developers to build and explore how programming can help improve the quality of life we are living. This is also one principle we need to keep in mind while programming. We need to be aware of what we’re creating. Programming requires us to learn a lot of interesting stuffs. Programming is making a big change in the society and that is what inspires people to write code. Looking on to another important aspect of programming, we need to know the tools that we use while coding. There are a vast amount of tools available based on their purpose. As I have mentioned the case of Apple Earlier, HealthKit and ResearchKit is a tool by Apple to write code for the benefit of the Healthcare Sector. There is Unity for Game for Game Development. We need understand our sole purpose on what we’re programming and then carefully select the right tools for it. We can infer from all the points that I have mentioned above that we need to have a proper definition of programming. But these points are just the basic, Since Programming is a big hobby with a vast world of oppurtunities.

Amrit Shenava


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