Arduino : Next Generation of Inventors

Few months back, I attended an workshop on one of the greatest technologies ever made, Arduino. During this workshop, I experienced something that changed my perspective about the upcoming generation of inventions. Technology is advancing in such a way that technology is being used in each and every industry. So, why not make an standard platform for the world of inventions? And that’s why Arduino was made. Arduino is a platform where people can use it to invent anything. There are many useful solutions coming out after the launch of arduino and the world is just badly getting tempted to own one. Arduino has been recognised by the world’s leading IT firms and giants. It’s even an favourite skill in Silicon Valley. Arduino has opened a new dimension of next generation technologies such as drones, robots and other technologies. I have attended a lot of workshops and exbhition on Arduino that made me interested in it. There are many organizations that have used Arduino in Research and Development including NASA and other Space Agencies which have currently sent the Arduino to the International Space Station for special research. Not just that, there are even IT giants such as Intel and Autodesk who have teamed up with Arduino to make an even greater technology that is still under development. Arduino has also been used in the development of 3D printing. With Arduino, technology has been advancing at such a fast pace that the world will soon be eco-friendly. Intel has made their own version of the Arduino known as the Intel Galileo. Here is a picture of the Arduino Uno.


Looks cool right? Well, Arduino can coded using any language you want including C#, Java, Python and much more. Arduino mixes the world of electricity and coding. If you want to learn about Arduino, you need to know the basic concepts of electricity. After that, you need to know atleast one programming language to code, I’d prefer Java and Python as you’ll have a lot of benefits on making your project. Learning Arduino will have a big affect in your professional life and I would suggest that the skill Arduino will be a good option for you. Another reason to be added to support my suggestion is that at this year’s annual Java Developer Conference, Arduino is one of the main concentration. Java has listed Arduino to be an must have skill and are also implementing the concept of Arduino for students also. Arduino makes us understand that the future is here and I’m sure that you’ll have one heck of a journey as you’ll get to experience many people in yourself including programmer, inventer, designer etc. I’ll be ending my article on a note that you need to have atleast one Arduino Experience.

Amrit Shenava


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