Is Microsoft the next Tech Giant?

From Microsoft Office to Visual Studio, From Lumia to Xbox One, Microsoft is just breaking the standards of next generation technology. This year is a very crucial year for all the Tech Giants as new technologies have been developed and many giants are on the rise. But in this war, Microsoft has given me hope that one piece of technology can be useful in all aspects of my life. I love to code on all platforms, and for that I use Microsoft Visual Studio. I love Gaming a lot and for that I have Xbox One. Not only I can play games on my Xbox One but I can also watch my favourite shows, listen to songs and I can do much more. From coding to gaming, expressing my ideas and chatting with my friends, Microsoft has everything for your needs. But this year, Microsoft launched one of the greatest and also one of the most innovative projects of all time, Windows 10. Windows 10 has changed the world in many ways and have given oppurtunites to many industries to use technology. Microsoft has even developed the world’s first programming language made for smartphones and tablet, TouchDevelop. Microsoft even happens to be the first company to have a certified course on digital literacy. Digital literacy is an important part in todays digital era and Microsoft is taking it up seriously. Microsoft Office is also considered to be an must have skill for any job in this age of digitalization. With Microsoft giving as an platform to do many things and make technology easier for us to use, Microsoft has given us a reason that they are the best with all these. It does not end here. Microsoft has set up an virtual academy, where people can learn everything and anything about technology. Microsoft has even pushed the boundaries further by launching more innovative projects like the Kinect, Windows 10, HoloLens and much more that will be used for various purposes. Kinect and HoloLens is being used in the fils of medicines, making it easier for doctors to make this world a better place. HoloLens is the breakthrough of Microsoft into the world of Virtual Reality. To know more about HoloLens, do check out my aritcle. With the Microsoft is evolving of the world technologies, Microsoft is making the world a better place to live and giving oppurtunites that we have never ever imagined. Techies are getting new things to learn everyday. Kinect which was made for the Xbox is now being used by Doctors around the world. HoloLens is being used by NASA for the Mars Exploration mission. This is extremely an amazing achievement by Microsoft by taking Technology into the next level. We have a lot to see in the upcoming years. Speaking about upcoming years, Microsoft even has provided an platform for young people to come forward with an idea that will change the world and will benefit human lives. Microsoft Azure gives the oppurtunity for startups by giving them the correct tools and support. Another platform is the YouthSpark. Microsoft has even come up with a new project, The Microsoft Surface Hub, the world’s first digital board. It is better for showcasing our ideas and connecting with other people through Skype and showing them our ideas no matter where we are. There are many projects of Microsoft that I just cannot mention about in this article. I’ll be writing more articles on the latest projects of Microsoft.

Amrit Shenava


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