Touch Develop : The Future of Coding

We all want to know the secret behind all these great apps
that we use in our day to day lives but now there is something special that even people who do not know how to code, can now to do stuffs that they have never ever imagined. That special thing is none other than TouchDevelop. My experience with TouchDevelop has just given me an experience to code without being in my studio, lab or office. I can code anywhere, anytime, and the most most amazing of all, I can code on any device. That’s right, I can
Code on my smartphone or also my tablet. TouchDevelop is made for that purpose, it is an programming language optimized for smartphones and tablets. As the name suggests, TouchDevelop means developing by touch. Here is an picture for a better explanation.


And this picture sums it all. We are living in the generation of touch. To programme, you don’t need to use a keyboard. All you need to do is just touch. TouchDevelop is also an programming language made for next generation gadgets. One of the best example is Arduino. You can even code commands for Robots. TouchDevelop has opened a door of possibilities and oppurtunites to people who want to portray their ideas. Well, I don’t know why but this is one cool programming language for beginners. When you start using TouchDevelop, you can code based on your level and knowlegde of coding. One of the most important information you need to know about TouchDevelop is that it as an Cloud based programming language. I always start using TouchDevelop on my PC and if I  go out anywhere, I startoff on my smartphone from where I ended my session on my PC. Sounds cool, huh? Well, there is even more to add to this topic to make it sound more cool. When you complete your first one hour of your coding session, you get a certificate on completion of the Hour of Code.
Touch Develop will create a major revolution in the future and I believe that with the help of Touch Develop, we can achieve things that can make this world a better place.

Amrit Shenava


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