3D Printing Explained

I recently had a lot of experience with the world of printing. But this printing was no ordinary printing that we see in our day to day lives. This world of printing was a world where you can print anything, that’s right, anything. 3D printing would open a world of possibilities for every major industries and all purposes of day to day lives. I have seen many changes in the society due to 3D printing. 3D printing has revolutionised the way we live by giving us the privilege to print anything we want. I was surprised to see the amount of objects printed using 3D printing. Here is a picture of an  Iron Man mask which is made using 3D printing.


Looks wonderful, right? Now you might wonder how 3D printing works but 3D printing can be done by anybody, anywhere and anytime. It’s as simple as doing your daily chores. But you need practice to perfect in the art of 3D printing. Since it is 3D Printing, you have to design what you want to print using a special software. Design is one the most important step in 3D printing as to print anything, you need to design your object so that the printer can print whatever you want. There are many softwares you can use. I design my models using Autodesk Maya. The object which you design is known as a 3D model. You can design anything using these softwares no matter what it is. Now the question arises that if I can print anything, won’t the material used for printing be the same? Nope. The Material depends on what you are printing but however, there is a standard material which is used for printing. One of the major leading companies dedicated towards the art of 3D printing is Makerbot. Makerbot is the manufacturer of the best 3D printers in the world. They even develop their own software for designing an model to printed not only for PC but also mobiles.
Another Perk of 3D printing is prototyping. Suppose if you have designed something, say an f1 car for your f1 in schools challenge, you create an prototype to see how it will look in real life. Architecture especially is the best example for prototyping. You can see your model in real life and then further plan on how your design should go. On a personal note, 3D printing is something that should be incorporated in every schools and institutions as 3D printing could print your creativity and imagination into reality.

Amrit Shenava


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