Minecraft : A platform for imagination and creativity

Before writing this post, I saw a lot of people showcasing about their creativity and imagination using a video game. This video game has made a big hit in the recent years. What’s so special about this video game that almost everybody was able to show their creativity? The name of this video game is Minecraft and this game has created a revolution in the gaming industry and also in the lives of normal people. I reckon that even architects use this game. People build whatever they want in Minecraft and can also build along with their friends. This game has made virtual landmarks that we just cannot imagine the possibilities of this game. This game also happens to be the first game to be launched on all platforms. When I started to play this game, it was like being in our dreams. We can create a whole new world that we have never ever imagined. There are many things that you can do in Minecraft that you have never ever imagined. I cannot explain the amount things you can do as it will never finish. Minecraft is releasing a Hololens version which is the first holographic game in the world. Many people have made a fortune and gained fame through Minecraft. Minecraft is a never ending game and will always be my favourite. There are also many mods of Minecraft which can be downloaded through the internet. There are many interesting things of Minecraft that I just cannot explain in this article as it just won’t finish. There are two modes of Minecraft that you can play. Creative and Survival. In Creative, you have infinite uses of the resources and you can basically do anything. In Survival mode, the game comes into reality and you have to do just thing, Survive. You can die in Survive and you have limited access to resources as you have to collect them. You can encounter with many many things in the game such as zombies, witches and much more. You have to survive from these dangerous creatures as they will kill you. To Survive, you even need to collect food. Minecraft is a game you’ll love to know about and I recommend you to play that game as the possibilities of that game is countless.

Amrit Shenava


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