What to expect from WWDC’15

With only a little more days to go for the annual conference of Apple, WWDC, a lot of expectations and rumours have risen up. After the keynotes of Google, Microsoft, HTC and Samsung, things are getting heated up in this tech competition or as I say it, the war of the tech giants. Here are some of the things to be expected from this year’s keynote.

As Apple bought Beats last year, there might be an announcement about this and further plans of beats. They will be a bit of Apple Watch news and hopefully some new API’s. The biggest expectation from this year’s annual conference is the launch of iOS 9. iOS 9 like all the other OS, might have a lot of time invested. As all the IT giants had a lot of projects that will change the world, Apple will most probably introduce some new project. App Store Update is also another expectation from this year as iOS 9 will be unveiled this conference. As Apple believes that the future lies in the hands on of the Developers, there will be a lot of special announcements for Developers. Apple provides a larger platform for Developers and that has kept Apple devices to have the best apps. Another thing that Developers should expect from this year’s conference is most probably the announcement of a latest version of the code and some new DevKit for IoT. Speaking about IoT, Apple might unveil some innovative projects making a contribution towards the field of IoT. Apple might even unveil a newer version of the Apple tv. And the biggest of them all, the launch of their latest OSX. Mac users are hoping for a stabilised version of the Mac OSX, OSX YOSEMITE. There are many rumours related to WWDC. However, we’ll get to know more on June 8th about what Apple was to up to this whole time.

Amrit Shenava


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