Project Jacquard : A new innovation of smart clothing

Everything is becoming smart nowadays. Smart Phone,  Smart School, Smart government and much more. But this year’s annual conference of Google has left a spark in the modern society and has made people to continously contemplate on that one trending topic. What is so interesting about this trending topic? Fashion is one of the major industries in todays modern society. As I have mentioned in my posts before, IT is revolutionizing all industries. And that’s right, IT has been introduced to the fashion industry. This is one trending topic that no one expected to happen. This even happens to be an one of its kind innovation that has never ever been thought of. Smart Clothing sounds quite absurd, but as always, Google proved this to be an possible project and has teamed up with Levis to make the world’s first digital clothes. This project has gone under extreme research and development. Developers and fashion designers have worked together to understand the concept of digital clothing and how it will benefit our day to day life. Now the question how does it work? In project jacquard, there are devices embedded in the cloth, which is connected to your phone. You can gestures as commands which control your phone and thus, giving you acces to your phone using a piece of cloth. This is an innovation which will transform our lives and most probably create an revolution.  This will benefit the fashion industry and provide an oppurtunity for fashion designers and developers. Google ATAP is still working on this project and we will come to more of it when this thing will be available to the public.

Amrit Shenava


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