Microsoft Hololens: An Era of an Virtual and Augmented world

One of the most innovative gadget and also one of the most awaited gadget of the year is set to create a new Era of a new world, a world where imagination and dreams come into reality. I’m talking about the Microsoft Hololens. When Microsoft Hololens became an public interest, the world would reimagine their dreams come into reality. With the Hololens, we will be able to see the world according to our perspective. With this innovative device, gaming industry will flourish from three dimensional to a dimension that is way beyond our expectations. Microsoft has been working on this project for a long time and is set to make a new world through the vision of this glass. In Hololens is set to be an important and also one of its kind innovation that will help the medicinal by giving the oppurtunites to doctors to examine their patients without any difficulty. The Hololens is better to be considered an new invention as it is the first portal in the world to give us a look into our imagination in real time. Gaming has been redefined to bring the gaming world in to reality. So while playing any game, we don’t need any controller but just play the game as if we are the protagonist. Minecraft was the first game to be demonstrated as part of this project. The Hololens will run on Windows 10 as it is an integral part of the Windows 10 project. With the Hololens, we can access anything, anywhere at anytime we want. The Hololens is also an great project which follows the rules of IoT or the Internet of Things. Hololens will make life much easier for everybody in this world. According to my perspective,  Hololens can be used to help the Visually impaired citizens by using the sensors present in the Hololens. The Hololens has sensors that senses things around us and then the whole thing works through this process. Hololens is still under development and a lot is gonna happen after it releases.

Amrit Shenava


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