Apple Watch: The Revolution of Watches

For the past one decade, smartphone has been man’s best friend along with the tablet but now we have smart watches coming out but the most awaited gadget is set to open a pathway for a new revolution. Apple announced their new product Apple Watch during WWDC 14. Apple Watch has a lot of innovation that will revolutionize human lives for centuries. Apple has concentrated on every aspect of a watch that makes a normal watch come to life. This watch does not just take technology and watch to a whole new level but is innovated for the betterment of human lives. Apple has even concentrated on the material and quality  of the watch to make it sooth to a person’s particular interest and job. Apple Watch is one of the most innovative gadget I have ever seen and will definitely revolutionize the normal human lifestyle. Apple has focused a lot on how the watch will help on ones physical wellbeing. With this project, Technology will now be an essential part in the field of medicines. Apple has even worked on the most innovative projects as I say it, conversations through a watch, that’s right, a watch. People will now be able to communicate to their lived ones using many gestures. By tapping the screen using two fingers, the in-built heart rate sensor will record and send the heartbeat to your loved ones. This is one innovation which proves love is real and that also a small piece of technology proving the meaning of love. Apple Watch can even be used for Payments using the Apple Pay feature whuch makes payments much more easier. Apple has even worked with Banks to maximize security for your bank account. Talking about technology and innovation behind the Apple Watch, Apple Watch has pushed the boundaries of a normal watch and smart watch to whole new era. The Crown in watches are basically for setting the time and date. But in Apple Watch, the crown is reborn and known as the Digital Crown.Apple has reimagined the crown and taken it to the next level. The Digital Crown is an integral and an unique experience of the Apple Watch. With the Digital Crown, we are able to zoom in without any obstruction and do many things which makes it the heart of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch provided an platform for innovation and creativity for Developers by introducing the WatchKit where the Developer can design and develop apps for the Apple Watch. Apple has even made a new Operating system for the Watch which is known as WatchOS. With Developers, Apple Watch will add a lot more to the innovation of the Watch.

Amrit Shenava


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