IoT Explained

In this fast pace world of smartphones, we are living our life by just connecting to the internet. Even our Cars use internet. Internet is progressing rapidly that life is becoming easier day by day. A new concept of technology has been from this age of the internet called IoT  which stands for Internet of things. The IoT is a new way of using things around us in our day to day lives using the Internet. It will solve the problem of excessive wires lying in our homes. The IoT has even made home security stronger. With the help of IoT, we can make the world a better place and reduce many problems in the society. Just like there is the “Science of eveeything”, just like that there is the Internet of things. We can store our personal data on the cloud and access them anywhere in the world using the Internet. IoT will even benefit Education. With the help of the Internet, students can access information and send reports to teachers. Teachers can even track the progress of their students no matter where they are. IoT in Education forms a Triangle between parents,teachers and students where the information is saved in the cloud. There are many services provided by companies which help people build their own bussiness through startups. Some famous services are Azure by Microsoft. The IoT is advancing not day by day but second by second. There many articles on the internet about this topic and feel free to contact me to know more about IoT.

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