Raspberry Pi: A new platform for innovation and creativity

I recently had my first hands on experience with the Raspberry Pi. I was extremely  shocked with the amount of stuffs you can do with it. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit card sized computer whuch can be plugged into a computer mointor or a TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is an mind-blowing  device which is applicable for people of all ages. It allows to explore deeper into the world of computing and programming. I have seen many interesting stuffs done with the Raspberry Pi. The latest Raspberry Pi 2 will run on Windows 10. You can even play the world famous open world game Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi  which is an cool thing. The Raspberry Pi is an open source platform so people can just collab with each other. I have seen quite a lot of innovations with the Raspberry Pi in which people have used it to build a mobile, custom made pc and much more. I would like to recommend people to use the Raspberry Pi as it used in almost all industries benefiting all aspects of life. The Raspberry Pi was even the most interesting and trending topic in the latest Microsoft build 2015 conference. You can even learn how to program using scratch and python. I just cannot fully mention what the Raspberry Pi has done to the society as it has benefited all aspects of life.

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