How the Internet changed the world

On 1992, the world wide web was launched. It was created by Sir Tim Burners Lee. The world wide web was project created by CERN. After the creation of the world wide web, that one small piece of innovation sparked the entire world into a revolution or as others say it, a new generation. Now, over 3 billion people from around the world uses the internet in various aspects of life. The internet has made an impact in the young generation by opening a new world of opportunities. The internet has created a new world, a world where people from different background can come and share information no matter where they are. Well, the internet has transformed lives from no one to someone. There are billionaires whose fortune was born from the age of internet. The internet created many geniuses that has revolutionised the way we live. Internet has created a pathway for people of different interests from around the world. I use the internet for various activities. When I use the internet, I’m extremely satisfied with the way I use the internet. The Google Chrome browser created history by being one of the fastest and the most secure browser. Dropbox has helped many people store data of any kind and to become the first online cloud storage. Wikipedia has helped us to get information about everything in this universe. Internet is progressing and so should we. Internet is also main reason why electronic sports or in short, Esports. Esports run with the help of the internet where players connect to an online server and compete with one another. I just cannot explain how internet changed the world in this article. I will be posting more articles about how internet changed the world and along with industry it has changed.

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