How far can Technology go?

Every year, Every month, Every  day, Every hour, Every Minute, Every second, Technology is advancing like a spark. Technology is advancing in such a pace that we just cannot imagine. But the question is, how far can Technology go?. Tryarch has made a video for the promo of their new game Black ops 3, which is part of the Call of Duty franchise. In this video, the future is picturised as a revolution where technology has taken over the world by 2080 and the soldiers become the ultimate weapon. With the rise of demand for more advanced technology in almost all industries, Technology is advancing like an formula one car going on the track of Monaco. Without the advancements of information technology, research would be difficult but due to the ongoing advancements,  many problems are being dealt swiftly. Anything can happen and we just cannot say what to expect from the world of technology.

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