Music and IT

Technology has revolutionised the music industry in various aspects. The Internet has provided musicians a platform to showcase their talent to the world no matter were they are. Without the Internet, the music industry would not be what it is today. With the help of iTunes, Musicians have made a fortune by showcasing their talent to the world and by even making a living with their god gifted talent. Technology has provided a platform to musicians to bring out their true colours, by making them shine and letting the world know about them. Apple is credited to be the first IT company to combine the world of technology and music. Apple made their first step in the music industry in 2002 by introducing Garageband. Garageband provided an platform for music artists to diverse into the world of music with over unlimited music instruments from around the world and by even giving an opportunity to learn music. One year later, Apple introduced the world famous iTunes. iTunes provided a platform for music artists to bring their hidden talents to the real world by selling their album online. After the launch of iOS 7, Apple introduced iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio gave the world a glimpse of the latest tracks which will be coming out. With technological advancements, The Music Industry will progress much further. A lot of developers and bussiness are using the Internet to make technology a better platform for music artists. The IT industry has even introduced new genre of music like Remixes, Mashup, Dubstep and EDM. In short, Electronic Music. There is even a software which can identify tracks called Shazam. There are many articles on the internet about the importance of IT in the Music Industry.

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