The World in 2020

We now have a lot of advanced technologies which are being used in every aspect of daily life. We are even connecting and relating technology to the current situation of the world. Technology is being used to cure diseases like ebola,cancer .etc . Technology is even being a pioneer in bussiness. It is believed that 2020 will be a crucial year for the entire world. By 2020, things are expected to change rapidly. In my opinion, the entire world is living on the internet, literally. I believe that we need to understand technology better and use it to make the world a better place. With devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, we can bring our creativity into real life. Now, in 2020, a technological revolution is gonna take place. In this revolution, we will be living life easier and things will change drastically. Engineers, Programmers, Developers .etc are creating technology and softwares that will make life easier. There is only five more years left for 2020. In these five years, money and time will be invested in research to understand how different types of technology will be used in all aspects of life. The world now has a powerfull and smart device that indulges in our day to day life and that is our smartphone. We use our smartphone in almost every aspect of our life. We use it for Payments, Socializing, Remote, and much more. Very soon, Internet will provide a platform for all the industries and will help the society by going beyond boundaries.

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