The Future of Space Exploration

NASA recently discussed about their budget this year and surprisingly, the discussion will amaze all the star gazers!!!! NASA has revealed the SLS,  the biggest solid rocket boosters ever built in the history of Space Exploration . And the most amazing thing is that NASA will be spending their budget mostly on Two important missions. 1) Mission to Asteroid and 2) The mission to Mars. The ISS recently recieved the Expedition 43 crew. The amazing part is that they will researching more about how humans part in space exploration which will open a big gateway to a lot of upcoming missions. Speaking about the Indian Space Program or ISRO, there is a lot of potential in the Indian Space Program as they have been a success on their first launch and was able to excute the mission at a very low cost, that even costed lower than that of a Hollywood movie. India will be starting their First human spaceflight mission by 2025. I have hopes that India will join the ISS coalition along with Russia, Brazil, Japan, ESA, NASA and CSA

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